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Chinese chess software, you can play chess with 12 great soldiers of Romance of the Three Kingdomfs . And it has the powerful information-handling capacity. The produce of chess record and the demonstration of the record are all very convenient. In among the history the well-known chess records like "Ju Zhong Mi" and so on, have been received much, and it is fit for the connoisseurship and research.

ySpecial featuresz


¡Powerful Artificial Intelligence

@It is well known, Chess man-machine war, Computer challenge humanity wisdom, has already gotten the champion of the world. The Japanese Chinese chess already has also achieved the medium specialized contestant level. But it is a pity; the Chinese chess computer contestant has even not obtained the civil rights.i-ChineseChess is and the Chinese chess expertfs joint work, Using the most powerful information processing method of AI, and designed carefully. Powerful artificial intelligence is its most major characteristic.



The surface of i-ChineseChess is very comfortable. The 12 SanGuo men, According to them respective wisdom rank, have the different rank. You can choose the level suitable for you to challenge, you can raised your Chinese chess level when you play with it. Finally, you can challenge Zhuge Liang the wisdom symbolizes of "the Romance of the Three Kingdoms" to a match.

¡The abundant chess record, and it can be expand softly

@Every year in China and other area in the world, many high levels Chinese chess tournament will be hold, and also a lot of excellence chess records will be created. By i-ChineseChess you can input these splendid records to your computer easily, and also convenient to research for later. And it is exciting that you can share these records with your friends by the Internet.

ySystem Requirementsz We recommend you to use this product on the Windows2000/XP operating system.
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